Has Your Cheese Been Moved?

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Have you ever read the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” It’s an easy reading parable about two mice (Scurry and Sniff) and two little people (Hem and Haw). Scurry and Sniff relentlessly scour a maze looking for cheese. They don’t overthink it, they’re engaged only in the present Read More

Between Gigs? KEEP MOVING

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Over the years, I’ve heard many hiring managers and even more recruiters describe the condition of the employment market. “It’s a candidate-driven market these days”, “there’s a war for top talent”, “it’s so competitive for good people, even average candidates command a lot of opportunities”. These sayings convey Read More

The CHRO is a BUSINESS Leader – Not HR

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. The CHRO owns human resources, sure, but that’s not what they “do” for the company. Benefits administration and HR operations are important yet tactical necessities that fall under the CHRO umbrella as they should. Attracting talent at all levels and functions is part of the overall strategy of Read More

High TURNOVER on your team? Look in the mirror.

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Turnover is inevitable in every organization and company, large or small, public or private, for profit or not. However, why do some organizations (or divisions/teams within companies) have remarkably high turnover compared to others? This is a CRITICALLY important question to ask and examine within virtually every company, Read More

Situational Awareness in Hiring

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Every company hires people and every company loses (or rids) some of those hires. Hiring is inherently flawed. There has never been a “perfect candidate” in the history of hiring EVER; it actually makes me cringe when I hear that expression by hiring executives. He or she doesn’t Read More

What a Good Board Member Means to the Recruiting Process

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner. Whether you are a C-level executive making a key senior level hiring decision, or a candidate considering taking on a leadership position at a venture backed company, the role of members of the board of directors is a critical, and often underappreciated part of the interview process.  When utilized in Read More

Making an Impact versus Making a Sale – How We Define Winning

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner. I made a career pivot about two years ago. After years of building, scaling, and leading teams in the digital sector, I was burned out, a bit disillusioned with big company politics, and just ready for a change. It’s a dynamic that many professionals face, and it’s driven home to Read More

What Won’t You Do?

by Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Perhaps Socrates was correct when he said “the unexamined life isn’t worth living”. It’s been interpreted that Socrates was indicating that only in striving to come to know ourselves and to understand ourselves do our lives have any meaning or value. Ok, a little heavy, and maybe Socrates Read More

Amazon HQ 2 announced…and the rich get richer

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. For over a year, literally hundreds of markets have been competing for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters to plant roots in their city or region. With the promise of massive job creation and economic uplift, over a billion dollars were “invested” by governments with economic development interests in making their Read More

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