We are focused on two critical client OUTCOMES

Outcome #1

An exceptionally executed search culminating in the selection and hire of a top tier leader.

Outcome #2

Most importantly, the hired leader exceeds the charter of their position and scope of responsibility within the company.

Notable Placements

  • Chief Executive Officer – White Ops, NYC
  • Chief Executive Officer – Lakana, LA
  • Chief Executive Officer – Tollos, Baltimore
  • Chief Executive Officer – Maxifier (acquired by Cxense), NYC
  • President – Motista, SanFran/U.S.
  • President/COO – Lotame, Baltimore/NYC
  • COO (promoted from SVP) – Sizmek, NYC
  • COO – Quality Health (acquired by ShareCare), NYC
  • COO – Targeted Victory, digital agency, DC
  • CRO – Drawbridge, data, SanFran
  • CRO – GovDelivery (acquired by Granicus), DC
  • CRO – Resonate, NYC/DC
  • CRO – grabNETWORKS (acquired by Blinkx), DC/NYC
  • CRO – Lotame, NYC
  • CRO – Verve Mobile, NYC
  • CRO – Yieldex (acquired by AppNexus), NYC/Toronto
  • CRO – Choicestream, NYC/Boston
  • CRO – MirrorImage, Boston
  • EVP Global Sales & Customer Success – GovDelivery, DC/global
  • CFO – SHIFT (acquired by Brand Networks), NYC/LA
  • CFO – Targeted Victory, DC
  • CFO – Verve Mobile, SoCal
  • CTO – PulsePoint, NYC
  • CMO  GroundTruth, NYC
  • CMO – Perfect Sense, DC
  • CMO – Gravy, DC
  • CMO – thisMoment, SanFran
  • CMO – ReadyFinancial (acquired by AccountNow), Boise, ID
  • Chief Digital Officer – Toluna, DC
  • GM, Digital Health – PulsePoint, NYC
  • GM North America – Dailymotion (acquired by Orange), NYC
  • GM YieldexDirect – Yieldex (acquired by AppNexus), NYC
  • Head of Engineering – Targeted Victory, DC
  • Head of Analytics – Targeted Victory, DC
  • EVP Product – Nielsen Online, Palo Alto
  • EVP Product – Nielsen Online, NYC
  • EVP Sales – Photobucket, SanFran
  • EVP Sales & BD – Glassnetic, NYC/Seattle
  • SVP Sales – Taykey (acquired by Innovid), NYC
  • SVP Sales – Voltari, NYC
  • SVP Sales – Velti, NYC
  • SVP Sales – Neulion/JumpTV, NYC
  • SVP Global BD & Data Partnerships – Criteo, NYC/Global
  • SVP Data Strategy – ShareCare, NYC
  • SVP Client Success – IgnitionOne, NYC/Atlanta/Global
  • SVP Data Strategy – IDG, NYC
  • SVP Advertising Solutions – SheKnows, NYC
  • SVP Finance – Jun Group (acquired by Advantage Solutions), NYC
  • SVP Marketing – Lotame, NYC/Baltimore
  • Chief Scientist – Lotame, NYC/Baltimore/Boston
  • Chief Data Officer – IgnitionOne, NYC/Atlanta
  • VP Sales & Account Management – Acxiom, SanFran
  • VP Business Development – VigLink, SanFran
  • VP Demand Sales – Liverail (acquired by Facebook), NYC/SanFran
  • VP Federal Sales – Granicus, DC
  • VP Enterprise Sales – AudienceScience, Chicago/NYC
  • VP Enterprise Sales – Lotame, NYC
  • VP Finance – Yieldex (acquired by AppNexus), NYC
  • VP Engineering – Resonate, DC
  • VP Marketing – Upfront Digital (acquired by Undertone), NYC
  • VP Marketing – Krux (acquired by Salesforce), NYC
  • VP Marketing – AudienceScience, NYC
  • VP New Business – Acxiom, NYC
  • VP Sales (2) – isocket (acquired by Rubicon Project), NYC
  • VP Sales (3) – thisMoment, Chicago/NYC/SanFran
  • VP Marketing – kickapps (acquired by KIT Digital), NYC
  • VP Sales – Ensequence, interactive television, NYC
  • VP Sales, Political/Advocacy – Resonate, DC
  • VP Product – HawkEye 360, DC
  • VP Analytics – Mediamath, NYC
  • VP Ad Operations – Verve Mobile, DC/NYC
  • VP Operations – Resonate, DC


Andy Monfried, CEO - Lotame
GM Ryan has been a reliable partner of Lotame’s for the past 6 years. Brian Mitchell has led many searches for our company, including both President/COO as well as CRO and CMO. GM Ryan and Brian Mitchell go the extra mile to understand our needs, maintain a high level of “quality” communication, and deliver us a stream of candidates that meet (or exceed) our expectations. When I say “quality” communication, I mean just that. Brian Mitchell moves at my pace– which is fast. He moves quickly, and adjusts his pace to match mine. I cannot tell you how valuable that is to me, and it is a key reason that we have relied on Brian and GM Ryan to conduct our most important executive searches. I highly recommend GM Ryan to any candidate or employer, who is looking for a “unique, reliable, and consistent” partner. GM Ryan delivers, and for me — the results speak for themselves time and time again, year over year.
Steven Gerber, President & COO - Zeta Global

GM Ryan placed our CRO and other key commercial leaders for Zeta. It gives me great confidence knowing Brian recognizes the difference between exceptional talent and merely good, and possesses a unique ability to attract those exceptional sought-after leaders to the table. He’s impactful, straightforward, and delivers as promised. I highly recommend working with Brian and GM Ryan on strategic roles and talent initiatives.

Philip Eliot, Managing Director - Paladin Capital Group
It’s a testament to their work that we got to the end with four really strong CEO candidates, and the most difficult decision was just which one, not whether we had the right people
Beth Kaplan, Managing Director - Axcel Partners
Don Kennedy and his team did a fantastic job finding a new CEO for our services company, start to finish was under three months. This was not an easy search as our company is a true diamond in the rough without name recognition, yet Don identified a full slate of excellent candidates in a timely manner, and we ended up hiring our #1 choice.  I was impressed how quickly Don came to understand our company’s business and culture, and could find the exact type of candidate we were seeking. GM Ryan’s process works.
Michael Barrett, as CEO - Admeld (Google)
In an increasingly technology-driven digital media landscape, the talented professionals that GM Ryan placed with AdMeld remain among our top performers today.
Andy Nibley, as CEO - Yieldex (AppNexus)
Yieldex retained GM Ryan International to fill three critical leadership positions in sales, marketing, and finance. Their broad-ranging industry relationships, tenacity, and ability to adjust to occasionally fluid requirements were keys to successful placements in each instance.
Scott Burns, as CEO - GovDelivery (Granicus)
We have trusted Brian and GM Ryan on several critical searches. In recruiting our global head of sales, they brought a wide range of incredible candidates to the table. Most importantly, they persisted with a highly selective search until we found a world class leader who fit our culture and can drive our sales organization to the next level.
Michael Beach, CEO - Cross Screen Media
GM Ryan recently completed CRO and VP Marketing searches for us with stellar efficiency and results. I’d hired Brian at my previous company, Targeted Victory, for several searches including CTO, CFO, and others, so I anticipated excellent work and that’s what I experienced. A great pool of candidates is expected, but what separates GM Ryan is their thoughtful ability to help steer the process, mitigate risk, and secure the best fit for our company. I trust that Brian has my best interests in mind and highly recommend his firm.
Rob Rebak, as CEO & Chairman - QualityHealth (ShareCare)
Brian and GM Ryan were amazingly efficient to work with for our COO search, and they produced outstanding results in record time (under 3 months). They quickly grasped our business (performance-based online marketing) and what was really needed in the COO role. They sourced a half dozen of the best candidates in the industry within the first month of the search process. They provided thoughtful and objective counsel through the entire search process. I will use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a senior executive in online marketing or related spaces.
Sloan Gaon, CEO - PulsePoint
GM Ryan recently placed our CTO and I couldn’t be happier with the experience and result. Brian was perpetually engaged in the process from understanding our unique needs up front through offer mediation with our #1 candidate. The candidate pool competency was consistently excellent, but he also intentionally presented diverse skills and personality for us to consider which I found highly valuable. Brian also provides collegial counsel and insights; he’s not selling. I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years and I’ve never had a better experience.
Ari Buchalter, as COO - MediaMath
MediaMath has engaged GM Ryan on a few strategic searches over the years and we’ve experienced very strong results. Brian and his team take a highly targeted and purposeful approach to finding top tier professionals that stand out from other candidates. They are consistently professional and exceptional brand ambassadors for MediaMath in the marketplace. I’d certainly recommend GM Ryan.
Tony Katsur, Chief Executive Officer - IAB Tech Lab
I’ve known GM Ryan and Brian for a number of years as we’ve both risen in this space and he is hands down the best executive recruiter I’ve worked with. Beyond stellar results in representing opportunities, candidates, or investors, he’s a business executive and industry insider who is generously willing to offer valuable insight and counsel. If you want your recruiting partner to be a true collegial advocate both immediate and long term, he’s your guy.
Tom McMahon, President - Videology (Amobee)
Mitch and GM Ryan have had a significant impact in our external recruiting efforts, having helped us to identify, court, and ultimately hire several senior professionals across the country. Mitch has demonstrated a consistently collegial approach to our evolving needs as a company, projects a polished and professional communication out in the market, and has intangible instincts as a hiring executive. I’ll continue to work with GM Ryan for my strategic initiatives and highly recommend them.
Tom MacIsaac, as CEO - Verve
Verve Mobile has relied on GM Ryan to help us build a strong team of revenue-impacting executives. Given their nationwide relationships with the highest quality leadership candidates, GM Ryan International is the only search firm we work with.
Stephano Kim, as EVP Corporate Strategy - Turner
I really value the relationship I have with Brian. While he and his team certainly deliver highly qualified senior professionals as a recruiting resource, I’ve come to rely on Brian as a trusted advisor when recruiting and managing senior talent. He clearly understands the digital media and technology space, but more importantly, he understands people and company culture. If you truly believe that your employees are your greatest asset and not just a commodity, then work with GM Ryan.
Amit Chaturvedi, as COO - Taykey (Innovid)
I’ve worked with Brian over the last few years and have found him to be an exceptional recruiting resource and industry ally. I recently retained GM Ryan to find us a world-class Head of Sales where Brian delivered several highly qualified candidates including the top candidate who we hired in just over two months total processing time. The speed was impressive, but the candidate quality was even more impressive. Brian also possesses a down to earth yet highly knowledgeable and professional communication style, which gives me confidence that the optimal market message is being represented for my company and brand. I will definitely work with Brian and GM Ryan well into the future and highly recommend their service.
Mitchell Reichgut, as CEO - Jun Group (Advantage Solutions)
GM Ryan did an outstanding job for Jun Group on our CFO search. They took the time to listen early on, and then they worked hard to deliver a steady stream of candidates that matched our needs within a tight set of parameters. These guys understand ad tech, and they know how to evaluate talent and produce the results that matter most. Color me impressed.
Jonathan Shaevitz, as CEO - Upfront Digital Media (Undertone)
Brian placed both my COO at my previous company and my head of marketing at Legolas, both of which are rock stars. He is my go-to resource when it comes to hiring senior leaders; both because of his obvious access to the talent pool, but more importantly, to his investment in understanding our business, its culture and strategy, and working with me as the organizations have evolved. Brian is a truly perceptive member of the adtech space, he offers great insights beyond the obvious both in and out of recruiting. Brian puts the client first and I’ve learned I can trust him to offer concise and candid advice regardless of the potential benefit to his own firm. I regularly discuss team related issues with him well outside of an immediate recruiting need. I highly recommend Brian and his firm, GM Ryan, to other executives in the internet technology space seeking high quality recruitment representation.
Dorean Kass, Chief Sales Officer - Neustar

GM Ryan gets results. I particularly like working with Brian because of the focus on strategic leadership hires in the data and analytics space, but also for his market insight and respectful candor. He’s a valued partner looking out for his client’s best interests with the depth and tenacity to deliver.

Rich Stalzer, as CEO - Voltari
Great service, great results. Brian definitely understands how to recruit strong senior talent, however I particularly value his intangible ability to read situations and people while advocating and adapting in my company’s best interests. Brian is unbiased, insightful, and efficient. If you’re seeking senior recruitment representation in digital media/technology that will not only perform at a high level, but who truly cares about your success then I’d recommend working with Brian and GM Ryan.