The Obstacle is the Way

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Hello out there! Feeling nervous? Silicon Valley and Signature banks both needed a bailout to prevent a domino effect and the big banks are now forecasting lower GDP for 2023 largely due to the stress on the smaller banks. This likely means startups and earlier-stage companies will be Read More


By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Every company hires people and every company loses (or rids) some of those hires. Hiring is inherently flawed. There has never been a “perfect candidate” in the history of hiring EVER; it actually makes me cringe when I hear that expression by hiring executives. He or she doesn’t Read More

Is this economy gonna kill us? Nah.

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. I just returned from a few days in the sun attending IAB ALM. A few takeaways: Marco Island Florida is a lot of fun, will definitely be back recreationally! It was awesome seeing lots of industry friends and meeting new ones as well. It was incredibly interesting hearing Read More


by Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Perhaps Socrates was correct when he said “the unexamined life isn’t worth living”. It’s been interpreted that Socrates was indicating that only in striving to come to know ourselves and to understand ourselves do our lives have any meaning or value. Ok, a little heavy, and maybe Socrates Read More

Add Value, Make It Easy

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO When I first started my sales career in the 90’s (yes, I’m friggen old, it is what it is), I read a book called Selling to VITO. VITO was an acronym for Very Important Top Officers. VITOs are influential decision-makers, the holy grail of the entry level AE. Read More


Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Unless you just sold your company after several years of hard work and are now counting your millions while on sabbatical, the experience of being “between opportunities” can be frustrating and possibly a little scary. As an executive recruiter for the past 12 years, I’ve inherently spoken with many Read More


By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO. Founders are not always great managers and are often not great evaluators of talent. Sorry, but it’s true. They may be brilliant at product, finance, operations, commercialization, or technology, but that doesn’t always equate to attracting, onboarding, and retaining outstanding talent. And no matter how unique your product/tech/solution Read More


By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO Every day I receive a dozen or so inbound inquiries from mid to senior career professionals at an inflection point. They’re somewhere between “starting to consider” or “actively looking” for what’s next in their career path. The expertise and levels vary from board members and CEO’s to VP’s Read More


By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO The CHRO owns human resources, sure, but that’s not what they “do” for the company. Benefits administration and HR operations are important yet tactical necessities that fall under the CHRO umbrella as they should. Attracting talent at all levels and functions is part of the overall strategy of Read More