Changes – Rise or Fold

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO So another year has passed and a “new” year is well underway. By mid-4Q, we spend time at our respective companies conducting annual reviews of the current year and annual planning for the upcoming year, which are worthy and important exercises to go through. We need to figure Read More

Are you listening, or waiting to talk?

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner The best deals and the best jobs usually go to the best listeners….. Early in my career, I left a Tuesday morning meeting with a prospective client on cloud nine.  Our VP of Sales (my boss) was shadowing me for the day, and after the clinic of business development skills Read More

Internal Interviews – Coast at Your Own Peril

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO Internal interviews are often taken too lightly by both candidates and hiring executives. This is a mistake, especially by the hiring executive. Internal interviews, if they’re completed at all, are often informal rubber stamps to anoint a single employee who has been identified as a high performer in Read More

Landing Talent is a Two-Way Street – Must Do’s to Make It Happen

Don Kennedy, Managing Partner As an executive recruiter, there’s nothing more fulfilling than connecting talented individuals with great companies to create a transformative opportunity for both parties. I know how cliché it is to deem something “Win-Win” but it’s true when things successfully come together for all parties involved in the search process.  I’ve been Read More

Between Opportunities? Take ACTION!

Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO Unless you just sold your company after several years of hard work and are now counting your millions while on sabbatical, the experience of being “between opportunities” can be frustrating and possibly a little scary. As an executive recruiter for the past 12 years, I’ve inherently spoken with many Read More

What Variety Means for Successful Leaders

Don Kennedy, Managing Partner At GM Ryan, we spend our days working with clients, investors and candidates to make a transformational impact on their collective futures. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly, and one that we are incredibly passionate about executing successfully. It’s also incredibly fulfilling to make the right connection that allows a Read More

Busy vs Productive – The Curse of Creative Avoidance

Brian Mitchell, CEO & Managing Partner Early in my career, I was hired as an entry-level salesperson in the telecommunication industry. It was an incredible business training ground in retrospect and I’m very lucky to have had an opportunity to learn and achieve success in that environment. Like a lot of emerging tech industry sectors Read More

Is Your Top Talent Running TO Something, or FROM Something?

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner I’ve been thinking a lot about talent retention and career development through a few different lenses lately. As an operator for the better part of the last twenty years, I took a lot of pride in the teams we built and the talent we developed along the way. I made Read More

Do you have a strong work ethic?

I don’t understand people who don’t try to carry their weight. I don’t really want to understand them. Lack of talent is one thing, but lack of effort is inexcusable. If you asked every one of your co-workers “do you have a strong work ethic?”, I’d bet very few if any of them would say Read More

Four Simple Questions for the Ad Tech Market

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner My experience in the advertising technology world dates back to late 1999 when I was first getting to know the founding team at Since those early days, I have had the privilege to work with thousands of clients and partners across various industry sectors. I’ve had the privilege to Read More

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