Amazon HQ 2 announced…and the rich get richer

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO For over a year, literally hundreds of markets have been competing for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters to plant roots in their city or region. With the promise of massive job creation and economic uplift, over a billion dollars were “invested” by governments with economic development interests in making their Read More

Is Your Q4 Hiring Strategy Putting Your 2019 Goals at Risk?

Four tips to shorten your recruiting cycle and close top talent in a tight market By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner It’s a scenario facing many fast-growing organizations as I put these thoughts to paper. It’s Q4, and people are scrambling to “run through the tape” and finish 2018 strong. Further, 2019 projections and strategic plans Read More

Career Inflection Points

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO Every day I receive a dozen or so inbound inquiries from mid to senior career professionals at an inflection point. They’re somewhere between “starting to consider” or “actively looking” for what’s next in their career path. The expertise and levels vary from board members and CEO’s to VP’s Read More

Willing or Capable?

by Don Kennedy, Managing Partner What the NFL Hall of Fame Ceremony Reminded Me About Talent and Desire As I watched this year’s NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony (I think Ray Lewis is still talking), I couldn’t help but think of an expression and concept that I have pondered countless times over the last Read More

Career Changes – Measure Your Inflection Point

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO I get a lot of inbound inquiries, typically a dozen a day, from professionals at varying stages of their careers seeking to understand how GM Ryan might be able to support them while in transition. Through 1000’s of conversations, I’ve learned that “in transition” can mean different things Read More

Careers in Executive Search – maybe it’s not for you?

We are strategically expanding and hiring Executive Recruiters at GM Ryan International and a GM Ryan sister company called rise44. Like many of our clients, part of our interview process is to compel a serious candidate why GM Ryan is the best career vehicle and what we have to offer to someone who wants to be a professional Executive Recruiter.  Read More

A Passenger in My Own Car

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner What having a new driver in the family has reminded me about leadership My oldest son turns 16 today.  For people that say “time flies”, this occasion is a stark reminder that this is indeed true, and that our kids turn into young adults faster than you can imagine (or Read More

March Madness – When is NOW?

By Brian Mitchell, Managing Partner & CEO Hopefully, you’re going to wake up one day and be 60, will then be the time to evaluate your career and make a bold move? Doubtful. When is the “right time”? When is NOW? We are nearing the end of 1Q 2018, the time when 2017 bonuses have Read More

Do You Assume Positive Intent?

By Don Kennedy, Managing Partner How do things change for you personally and professionally if you believe the person sitting across from me has your best interests at heart? I learned a really valuable lesson a few years ago.  Working for a public company in a hyper competitive industry, we were in a position where Read More

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