by Brian Patrick Mitchell, CEO & Managing Partner. 

Hello out there! We are all adjusting to this evolving “new normal” in ways unique to our individual situations as well as experiences and feelings we are all experiencing in common. I was thinking this blog should be about working remotely or employee morale or maintaining payroll or some other professional element having to tie in my vocation around human capital. I’ve actually been sharing my perspective on these things and distributing certain content seemingly germaine to CEO and institutional investor interests, however I think the word “human” in human capital is where I want to focus. For those of you that know me well, I tend not to let it all out and get overly personal, however I wrote the following Facebook post about a week ago and thought to share it here too. I think that acknowledging our own concerns as well as optimism and embracing our own vulnerabilities is what makes us human. It’s also what makes us strong as we embrace challenge and meet it anyway. I hope this reflective experience is adding to each of your perspectives on life as well. Stay healthy and well.

It’s been a strange few days, right? For me I’ve been isolated in my bedroom since Friday after feeling some symptoms (I was in Seattle recently, I took the test Saturday morning and still don’t have the results….hope it’s just a cold). When I do walk in other parts of the house, I have a doctor’s mask on or I’m 10+ feet away from my family members. My wife is prudently sleeping in the guest room. It sucks being separated from them. This morning, I cancelled a golf trip for next week in Florida that several buddies and I had planned and been looking forward to for months. That blows! Worst St Patrick’s Day ever, right? And though I’m concerned about possibly having COVID-19 and I’m concerned about my family getting it and I’m concerned about society in general and I’m concerned about the economy and what that will mean for many including my company and I’m experiencing true fits of boredom and some loneliness, I woke up today with gratitude. Gratitude for the certainty that we’ll get through this, all of us. Gratitude for financial means to weather this storm. Gratitude that I’ll undoubtedly learn something from this experience. Gratitude for a wife that loves me and I continue to learn from and about. Gratitude for energetic kids that love and inspire me and I continue to learn from and about. Gratitude that my oldest daughter is home from college with us (though I know she’d rather be with her friends at school!). Gratitude that my family is safe with plenty of provisions. Gratitude that my sister beat cancer’s ass. Gratitude for long walks in the woods with my dogs. Gratitude for books. Gratitude for siblings, colleagues, and friends who continue to check in on me and ask how I’m doing. The irony of this “distancing” is we can all relate, we can all empathize human being to human being. We can also all appreciate, we don’t need to look very far. We are all connected by this even in our separation. I’m feeling grateful today.

btw, I did receive my results back last Thursday……NEGATIVE! Stay healthy and stay positive everyone. And, yes, GM Ryan is very much open and actively performing for our clients through this turbulence.